Storytelling Cards


2007 - 2000

Art + Design

© 2000 Simón De Agüero

In 2000 Simón De Agüero received Magna Cum Laude, Honors award from the University of Colorado for producing this prolific body of artwork.  The concept of this project was to develop a series of cards that evoke improvisational storytelling.

Each set explores the idea of text as an image and image as text.  He strived to reach an understand the multifarious forms of communication with images and text in the abstract improvisation method of storytelling .  Simón De Agüero studied various forms of symbols and icons along with their evolution through history.  In response to these diverse forms of expression he created his own series of calligraphic images that were meant to symbolize people, proverbs or quotes.

This body of work is representative of Simón’s interest in patterns, language and communication.


Storytelling Cards